Feeling unheard and dismissed is too common an experience.  Whether that invalidation is coming from within or the people around you, it can be difficult to know who to listen to or which direction to go.  In therapy, we will compassionately confront the parts of you that hinder your authentic voice from guiding your way forward. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, ADHD, identity, body image, or maintaining your recovery from an eating disorder; I can help you see and care for yourself in ways that may have felt impossible in the past. 


Trauma-informed in practice, I use an eclectic, client-centered approach including DBT and  CBT to create space for processing emotions, sharing stories, and learning concrete tools to use in your daily life.  When you leave my office, you will know how to identify your ED voice and see clear paths to take instead.  Your anxiety will not keep you trapped in “what if” spirals, because you will have clearly defined redirections.  Where you have felt shut down in communication, you will learn strategies to stand in your truth with conviction.  The struggles that bring you to therapy didn’t come to be in a vacuum. We will explore how the environments, systems, and people in your life contribute to your barriers; and identify reality-based skills to build hope for the future while finding meaning in your life today.


I specialize in individual therapy with adolescents and young adults, working with eating disorders, and family therapy. I am rooted in anti-oppressive, sex positive, queer & poly affirming frameworks, and have a deep respect for the diverse folx who trust me to help them with a variety of challenges. Whether it’s within my niche of eating disorders, you’re struggling to manage anxiety and stress, or your relationships feel out of control- I can help guide you to the confidence and knowledge you deserve.



Casey Natalino, LCSW 



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